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Concentration: 100% Pure Essence

Noble, silky, gentle essence. Intended with its dusty notes an ode to intimacy. It is oneiric and ethereal. It has the consistency of dreams, the colours of dew, of dawn, when the air is clear. It ties in chords of Florentine iris, myrrh, amber and vanilla. It encloses the breath of Caterina de Medici. The iris, the most intoxicating and mysterious of flowers, particularly loved by her, filled the courts of the palaces, from Versailles to Rome, with its perfume and colour. 

RESPIRO is the scent of waiting and patience, innate elegance, delicacy, grace. In May, iris blooms rise from the hills of Chianti, they move with the wind, they are nature's sigh. Breath contains within itself silence, dedication, a total consecration to refinement.

Ingredients - Incense, Myrrh, Florentine Iris Absolute, White Musk, Amber Accord, Vanilla Berries