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Mimosa sun, sea on skin, weightless exuberance.

A thinly layered freshness reminiscent of the ocean breeze – that is the mesmerizing character of the mimosa blossom. Understated and textured, its unique solar floralcy is at once airy, slightly green and watery, capturing the delicate complexity of the morning sea air. Clean aldehydes and soothing aloe notes gloss over with a fluid transparency, revea-ling the warm minerality of sea salt exuded by OrcanoxTM, an upcycled, bio-tech engineered molecule with modern Ambergris facets: clean, musky and woody at the same time.

Aromatic profile: Mineral Floral.

Impression: Awakening. Open. Optimistic.

Key Notes: Mimosa, Aldehydes (Noreenal™), Aloe, Salt Crystals, Ambergris (Orcanox™).

Specifications - 10 ml / 50 ml. Natural Origin Ingredients  90.03%.