Moon Sigh


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The body tingles. The eyes, wide open. We enter a dreamlike world of fleeting shadows while mellow sounds caress our senses. MOON SIGH is the fragrance that makes you wander on the rim between illusion and reality, like a sleepless night that entrances you in slowness and drifty restlessness all at the same time. In the Eau de Parfum MOON SIGH, an intense variety of exquisite woods come together to create a captivat- ing fragrance. Bergamot, rosemary, pine and Elemi gum combine for a fresh, spicy top note that touches our senses first, like the bright halo of the rising moon. At the heart, a beguiling coffee note, a promise of morning, while herb-floral notes of geranium and papyrus plant evoke the day as a hazy memory. The base note of vetiver, moss, patchouli and leather bring you back into the mystique of the night. MOON SIGH is a flood of emotions exhaled as a deep sigh into the night sky. Solemn and beautifully melancholic like a full moon night.

 bergamot, elemi gum, rosemary, pine
Heart: coffee, geranium, floral, papyrus
Base: vetiver, moss, patchouli, leather

Specifications - Eau de Parfum. 50ml

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