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A body of light, pulsing with energy. Auspicious and glowing, it sub- merges everything around it in colourful light. It is both a force and an inspiration, like the sun itself. The LIGHTFALLS Eau de Parfum is dedicated to the phenomenon we call light in all its facets, dousing us in a waterfall of light and colour. The composition of LIGHTFALLS re- sembles a full colour palette that shines in notes from woody and warm to fruity and fresh. The top note is dominated by spicy, fizzy chords of various kinds of pepper and grapefruit. It sparkles like the feeling of shimmering sunlight on the skin. Composed of spicy and aromatic saf- fron and vetiver, the heart note shares some likeness with a ray of light pushing through the clouds. Where it touches the earth, it is reassuring and warming. Sandalwood, the resinous oil of cistus, and a chord of woody ambery come together in the base note to form a woody-dry, sweet balsamic scent. Like a ray of light breaking through a leafy forest. Light and scent fuse into a fragrant body of light that characterises this Eau de Parfum. Compare it to a dancing waterfall of light that com- bines peppery-fresh and woody-warm notes.

 timur berry, grapefruit, pink peppercorn
Heart: saffron, vetiver
Base: sandalwood, woody ambery, cistus

Specifications - Eau de Parfum. 50ml

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