Katrine Nex¯ Jewellery

Katrine Nexø Jewellery available at Storm.
The Katrine Nexø Jewellery Sterling Silver creations are all handcrafted adding unique character to each piece. The nature of the designs as being parts of larger organisms provides various ways of combining pieces creating an individual expression - reflecting the women wearing them. The designs reveal a wide range of inspiration - from depictions of ancient Egypt womens accessories to the cold curves and sharp edges of futuristic humanoids. The designs are brought to life in the hands-on-process of balancing and shaping the silver's structure towards an organic form - creating what appears to be a natural silver extension to the human body. Katrine Nexø Jewellery shapes silver for women with an edge. Katrine Nexø Jewellery was founded in 2013 by Ane Katrine Stougaard-Nexø (b-1985). Katrine has a BA in Fashion Design and her studio is situated in central Copenhagen.