Walker Gilet


5.299 kr ~€711,28
Perfect for all seasons, the Walker is made of 100% wool, woven like a knit and felted like a Loden. This explains the garment's lightness, natural stretch, silence in movements and its ability to not wrinkle. It remains extremely lightweight while protecting and regulating body temperature. The garment is completely unlined, framed with a natural wool border woven in Austria. The Walker features two low pockets plus one chest pocket on the outside, and an additional internal patch pocket for easy wallet or key store.

The first instances of this garment were discovered in official sales documents dating back to the Middle Ages, when a local Austrian craftsman started producing this special wool fabric. The Walker became an iconic garment, presenting extremely modern features to this day. Importantly, the Walker does not release micro plastics into the environment and requires little washing.

Specifications - 100% Virgin Wool. Made in Austria.