Emily Gernild:

Black Lemons

399 kr ~€53,56

Focusing on recent works, the richly illustrated monograph Black Lemons provides an introduction to the work of Danish artist Emily Gernild (*1985). In conversation with editor and curator Milena Høgsberg, the artist explores how she builds her assertive, textured, colourful paintings, drawing from everyday life, dreams, curious idioms, or types of historical still life painting, determined to squeeze more out of them. With great ease she moves between oil paint and rabbit skin glue and pigment, allowing her to investigate the dynamic relationship between figure and ground in different ways. Art historian and writer Grant Klarich Johnson situates Gernild's practice in the landscape of contemporary painting, drawing comparisons to other generations of women artists, who have also explored genres historically deemed “lesser”.

Specifications - Hardcover. 80 pages.