Discovery Set

mid/night 00.00

999 kr ~€134,09

mid/night 00.00 discovery set contains 4 x 10 ml vials: Morning, Midday, Afterfive and Midnight.

The feeling: 

Morning: Awakening. Open. Optimistic.
Midday: Crisp, Vitality, Fantasy.
Afterfive: Sensuous. Passional. Mystical.
Midnight: Contemplative, Present, Profound.

Fragance Type:

Mineral Floral.
Midday: Vegetal
Afterfive: Amber Woody Floral
Midnight: Woody Aromatic

Ingredients Spotlight:

Mimosa, Ambergris (OrcanoxTM) & Aldehydes (NoreenalTM).
Midday: Chili Leaf, Geranium & Bergamot.
Afterfive: Red Seaweed extract & Immortelle.
Midnight: FigolideTM, OrcanoxTM & Gayo Patchouli.

Specifications - 4 x 10 ml.