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219 kr ~€29,40

Clear gel deodorant suitable for all skin types. Formulated to respect the body's transpiration. 

Rosemary & Bergamot scent

Combats the smell thanks to Mandelic acid and the prebiotic active ingredient Deobiome Non, which allows the skin to breathe while respecting the skin's microbiota, without leaving stains or dirt. 

Deobiome Non In addition to reducing body smell through a new hybrid approach, using plant molecules that prevent the formation of bacterial communication. It also provides an alternative prebiotic nutritional supply to shift the metabolism from lipids to polysaccharides, preventing the production of malodorous molecules. 

Specifications - 100 ml. 90,2% Natural. Vegan. Cruely-free. Locally produced. No Aluminium. No parabens. No Sodium Bicarbonate. No Alcohol.