Dead Air


1.499 kr ~€201,21
Macabre fantasy of decadent shadows and drama, unfolding from a fresh salty breeze to the deep dark underwater with blurry black tones, exuberant flora and a binding touch of wood.

Oddity bottles are an art object that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Each piece is topped with handmade cap made to order individually from wood scraps and epoxy resin. Its irregular shape is unique, its a celebration of imperfect beauty of raw materials and the craftsmanship that folds them into an artful piece.

Top: Violet leaf abs, Davana, Freesia
Middle: Narcisse abs, Lovage, Cist abs, Salt accord 
Base: Dates, Oakwood, Opoponax resin, Vetiver, Patchouli, Cedar atlas

A slaty breeze by the see at night, a faded memory.
Wet rocks, fallen leafs, ripe fruits, burnt sugar, velvet void.
Dusty stage drapes in a theatre, a reflection in a hazy mirror.

Specifications - Extrait De Parfum. 50ml. Master perfumer: Mark Buxton. Only the highest quality natural oils and molecules are used.