Crime Wave Tehran


550 kr ~€73,83

December 2023

The First Edition was published in December 2018


‘‘In life, a man must either become angelic or human or animal. I have become none of these things.‘‘

Explore the gritty underworld of Tehran's gangland through the captivating story of a notorious gangster known as ''The Eagle of Iran'' and his associates. Dive into their criminal mystique, marked by tattoos with poetic stories, facial scars, and flashy rings. These gangsters, unapologetically flaunting their masculinity, draw inspiration from traditional notions of strength and control. Posing in tea houses to sharing snaps from notorious prisons, and revealing a complex bond with Shīʿa Islam. Unravel the profound impact of martyrdom on these criminals, as they navigate the echoes of war and seek redemption in the sacred shrines of Iran. Step into their turbulent reality, where the line between sin and sacrifice becomes blurred.

Specifications - Hardcover. 164 pages. Full-Color pages with spot-UV treatment may be slightly wavy. This is not considered a flaw and will flatten more overtime.