Beton Brut


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Concrete and poetry. Raw beauty. A house as a fragrance. Materia in transition. Exterior become interior. Expanse and freedom open up. »Form follows emotion. Emotion follows senses.« A scent like a bed of clouds that nestles against wide windows. As massive walls touch the damp earth. Rich green meets hard edges. A masterpiece made of glass, steel and concrete that involuntarily blends into the environment. Like a painting, a fantasy, surrounded by radical space. The fragrance picture – wide spaces filled with the sound of green, velvet flowers and cool marble. Architecture meets nature and speaks poetry. A fresh wind of bamboo, bergamot and wild herbs surrounds a room made of bronze surfaces and green natural stone. A room, accentuated and at the same time naturally sublime. In the depths, the composition consists of spicy saffron notes and fine woods that make a stylish statement with a dream of cool materials – an image of freedom and endlessness.

A modern perfume. Elegant, striking and perfectly formed.

 bergamot, coriander, camomile, bamboo
Heart: vegetal, saffron, sage, violet leaves 
Base: patchouli, agarwood, musk, leather

Specifications - Eau de Parfum. 50ml

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