April Skies


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Cold wind blows around tender leaves. Rain surprisingly falls from a cloudless sky and nature plays around like a high-spirited child - wild, unruly and full of life. It smells of damp earth, fresh green and herbal fruity blossoming. Winter and spring wrestle with each other, are un- predictable and magical at the same time. In the sky, a fascinating pas- tel painting is drawn on soaked paper. It is April. Just as this moody month is full of surprises, APRIL SKIES Eau de Parfum holds an eclec- tic spectrum of freshly tart notes. Like the spring awakening itself, the fragrance begins with delicately fresh notes of lemon, fruit seeds and a green accord. A first moment that announces the benevolent months. In the heart, a floral woody composition of cedarwood and iris. It smells like a hesitant awakening - as if nature hasn’t quite made up its mind yet. The base with sandalwood and leather-amber notes wrap us in a surprisingly wintery coat again. Change, hope and impermanence go hand in hand in this fragrance and manage to appear quite confidently as a whole. As naturally as April brings all opposites with it. 

lemon, fresh leaves, carrot seeds, pear seeds
Heart: cedarwood, iris, incense
Base: sandal wood, woody ambery, leather 

Specifications - Eau de Parfum. 50ml

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