33g Pyramid Guilloche

Le Gramme

4.899 kr ~€657,58

This bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver. As part of a temporary collection, it features a distinctive pyramid guilloche pattern and polished finish. The inside has a brushed finish. A special engraving indicates the weight of the precious metal with which it is made.

French brand Le Gramme—named for the unit of measurement—is a jewelry line dedicated to a simple, universal look. The braclet designs are a response to the rational and logical masculine universe, where the scientific unit becomes a source of inspiration. Each bracelet is made of 925• recycled sterling silver, and engraved with a unique batch number.

Specifications - Measurements (L): Height: 5 cm. Width: 7 cm. Thickness: 2,3 mm. 100% silver 925. Made in France.