Stora Skuggan

1.050 kr ~€140,94

Thumbsucker is the fifth fragrance from Stockholm based perfumery Stora Skuggan. It’s a narcotic nectar floriental inspired by the reason babies suck their thumbs according to Hindu mythology.

Stora Skuggan wanted to create a perfume that was both sweetly comforting and intimate bordering the uncomfortable. The fragrance is centered around a few key elements, sweet and exhilarating honey is mixed with the narcotic and slightly dirty flower narcissus. In the base the golden hue of honey is mirrored through Himalayan cedar, which is similar to cedarwood atlas but even sharper and unmistakably sacred in impression. Cherry, styrax and bitter almond creates a dissonant underside to balance the sweet nectar.

Top notes: Honey, Narcissus

Heart notes: Violet, Cherry

Base notes: Himalayan cedar bitter almond, Styrax balsam candle wax

Specifications - 30 ml. Handmade in Stockholm, Sweden.

Please note: Perfumes are only shipped to EU.