Terrex Free Hiker
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Terrex Free Hiker

adidas Originals

Hiking in cold or winter scenarios has never been so nice. This adidas Terrex Free Hiker shoe was specifically designed for ultimate comfort on long hikes. Its socklike Primeknit upper, paired with COLD.RDY technology and water-repellent insulation fit snugly around the foot for a comfortable, warm fit. In addition, thanks to the waterproof GORE-TEX membrane, even difficult wet conditions are no problem.

Specifications - Adidas Primeknit upper. with GORE-TEX Duratherm.

Young Rose

Young Rose


Reframing tradition through the perspectives of a new generation, Young Rose presents an ode to the perennial restlessness of youth: an olfactive diary of those who are writing their own future. 
By layering fiery Sichuan pepper upon a foundation of Damascus rose, the fragrance deliberately defies convention, offering a twisted take on classic romance.

Specifications - Top notes: Ambrette Seeds, Sichuan Pepper. Heart notes: Orris, Damascena Rose. Base notes: Musk, Ambroxan.

Eau de Parfum 100ml.

Please note: Perfumes are only shipped to EU.

Iron Steamer

Iron Steamer


Cirrus No.3 Travel Steamer in black color. As opposed to ironing, steaming goes easy and is harmless even to fabrics that can't be ironed. The steam will also remove unfresh odors and dirt stains, and make the fabric thicker and richer in color. 

Specifications - Origin: China. Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz. Power: 1000 W. Front plate in stainless steel – engineered to spread the steam over the fabric. Weight: 0,86 kg. 90 ml water tank. 




Savon de Marseille Accord, Neroli Accord
Petalia (Floral, Rosy, Lychee), Oranger Crystals
Overdose of Ambrofix (Amber, Woody), Cosmone (Musk, Powdery)

Eau De Toilette 30/50ml.


Je descends tes escaliers par dizaines,
En courant, car ça faisait longtemps en fait
Longtemps qu’on s’était pas vu
Il est tôt,
Tout est si calme ici, pour l’instant
Et la ville s’éveille, lentement,
Les passants pas pressés longent les marchés hurlants,
Les fruits et légumes, eux, transpirent l’amour
Pas un jour ne se passe sans une rencontre,
Où elle partage ses histoires à l’ombre des pins,
Pas un non plus sans aventure,
Car l’amour n’a de frontières ici.
Marseille si belle,
s’élève en lettres capitales,
Et le Mistral souffle la liberté
Marseille, je t’aime si fort,
Toi, si sauvage au fond,
En attendant ton retour,
Je m’émerveille encore et encore
Poem by Romain Eugène Campens

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zagorsk cdg



Incense, to make one dream of a spiritual journey across the world's historical centres. An evolution of time and space.

Notes: White Incense, Pine, Pimento Berries, Violet, Cedar, Iris, Hinoki Wood, Birch Wood.

Specifications - 50ml. Eau de Toilette.

Please note: Perfumes are only shipped to EU.




Yvonne is a modern homage to the classical feminine perfumes. The rose and the chypre notes are blended with the scent of red fruits making the perfume contemporary and timeless.†

Top: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Tagetes, Blackcurrant, Schinus Molle

Middle: Rose, Jasmin, Peach

Bottom: Vanilla, Benjoin, Tonka, Sandalwood, Patchouli

Specifications†- 100 ml. Eau de Parfum.†

Please note: Perfumes are only shipped to EU.


The fourth Monocle x Comme des Garçons collaboration, this scent is inspired by morning jogs in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park. Designed with damp, sweet and green notes, it features a woody lead from cypress, alongside notes of freshly mown grass.

Notes: Cypress, Grass, Wormwood, Chamomile, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Frankincense, Patchouli.

Specifications - 50ml. Eau de Toilette.

Please note: Perfumes are only shipped to EU.


Yoo Youngkuk: Quintessence

This is the first comprehensive monograph on master artist Yoo Youngkuk, one of Korea's most popular modernists and considered a "magician of colors."

Yoo Youngkuk was born and raised in the remote hinterlands of Uljin, South Korea. In the 1930s, he left to study art in Japan and returned to Korea in 1943 amid the turmoil of the Pacific War, when he earned a living as a fisherman and liquor maker while continuing to paint. After 1955, he resumed his art practice in earnest, leading many early avant-garde groups and lecturing. His works later brought him national recognition, drawing much praise from critics and the public alike. From the 1960s onward, he withdrew from group activities and devoted himself entirely to working in his studio, exhibiting every two years. Yoo's unique compositional approach and formal techniques uncovered a prototype of nature in color palettes and geometric forms. His unshakable belief in the power of abstraction formulated an enduring modernist view of civilization and history.

Showcased for the first time in this beautiful book, his seminal works embody the core philosophy of Korean identity and "national art." Reminiscent of the deep waters, rugged mountains, fertile valleys, and brilliant sun of his Uljin hometown, Yoo's powerful aesthetic draws viewers into his quintessence of nature in a directly emotional way.

Specifications - 360 pages. Hardcover.

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Pushing athletic bounderies in outdoor sports has shaped the current ethos of Salomon footwear. The golden era of adventure racing of the early 2000s yielded the iconic XA PRO. In an homage to its legacy, they are reissuing the original version. The reinforced toe cap and heel guards up the protection for adventurous conditions. With an all-surface rubber compound and a versatile lug pattern, the outsole ensures confident grip. Asymmetric colors, Quicklace™ eyelets and the link logo all pay tribute to the progressive roots of Salomon footwear.

Specifications - Textile/Leather upper. Rubber outsole. Inlay sole: Textile. Lining: Textile. Made in China.


XA-Alpine 2 ADV


The shoe includes Contagrip® sole which features varied lugs with good spacing and wet traction. A protective gaiter keeps debris out of the shoe, but stays open when you want more breathability in dry conditions. Reinforced toe and zipper/snap button closure.

Specifitaions - Textile upper/Rubber outsole. Made in China.

woodgrain iiuvo



Woodgrain burns with a unique yet harmonious fragrance. Developed and made in the south of France, IIUVO works closely with a world-class parfumerie to deliver only the finest quality product. Woodgrain takes inspiration from relaxed hip hop lyrics and succeeds in replicating the olfactory inside of a vintage Cadillac.

Top notes: Myrrh, cardamom & nutmeg.

Core notes: Patchouli & cedar.

Base notes: Amber, tonka bean & fir balsam.

wonderwood cdg

An evocation of exuberance. A positive overdose of woods, woody notes and synthetic wood constructions.

Notes: Madagascan Pepper, Bergamot, Somalian Incense, Nutmeg, Cristalon, Cashmeran, Gaïacwood, Cedarwood, Carvi graines, Javanol, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Oud (Agarwood).

Specifications - 50/100ml. Eau de Parfum.

Please note: Perfumes are only shipped to EU.

wonderoud cdg



One of nature’s most precious gifts, worth its weight in gold. An aromatic resin, scented with subtle notes, Oud is known as The Black Gold of Perfumers. Used only for the most precious and mythical concoctions, its powerful and rich character brings a woody, animal, balsamic and even honey feel and texture to a fragrance. 100% Natural Oud extracted from resinous Aquilaria trees grown sustainably in South East Asia.

Notes: Texas Cedarwood Fraction OrPur, Oud Wood, Indonesian Patchouli, Australian Sandalwood, Haitian Vetiver, Guaiac Wood, Pashminol.

Specifications - 100ml. Eau de Parfum.

Please note: Perfumes are only shipped to EU.

white cdg



White, bright & Light. Retaining some of the stimulating spices from Eau de Parfum, White also contains white flowers such as Lily of the Valley and White May Rose.

Notes: Pomegranate, Tagette Absolute, Pepper, Coriander, Cardamon, May Rose, Lily of the Valley, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove, Nutmeg, Cedar Wood.

Specifications - 50ml. Eau de Toilette.

Please note: Perfumes are only shipped to EU.

where dancefloors stand still dj sprinkles

One of electronic music’s most intriguing and often outspoken characters, DJ Sprinkles aka Terre Thaemlitz moved to Japan from the US in 2001 and as Resident Advisor report the mix is his own sonic reaction to Japan’s worrying “Fuzoku” laws, which allows Police to enter and raid clubs for the “crime” of dancing. A recent Time Out Tokyo article highlighted how “venues routinely post ‘No dancing’ signs, with some even sending staff onto the floor to ask customers to stop moving to the music,”. Thaemlitz deeply dug tracklist boasts an esoteric assortment of rarities from a collection of underground ’90s house figures including Fingers Inc, Gene Farris, Lectroluv, Braxton Holmes and Classic Man. Russian deep house producer Alex Danilov and the now defunct MyMy collaboration between Nick Höppner and Lee Jones lend a more contemporary feel to the mix.


We Are All in the Same Boat

The critically acclaimed Danish artist group Superflex, founded in 1993 by Jakob Fenger (born 1968), Bjørnstjerne Christiansen (born 1969) and Rasmus Nielsen (born 1969), create humorous and playfully subversive installations and films that deal with financial crisis, corruption, migration and the possible consequences of global warming; they often root their projects in particular local situations, inviting the participation of viewers.

This catalog accompanies the group’s first major museum survey in the United States and highlights video, sculpture and installation works relevant to the history, present and future of cities such as Miami, poised on the leading edge of pressing issues such as climate change and immigration.

Superflex: We Are All in the Same Boat includes an introduction by the exhibition‘s curator, Jacob Fabricius, Artistic Director of Kunsthal Aarhus, essays by Stephanie Wakefield and Gean Moreno and George Yudice, plus a fictional text about water, flooding and the future of Miami by science fiction writer Mark von Schlegell.

Specifications - 192 pages. paperback.

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