Unintended Beauty

Hatje Cantz

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Unintended Beauty is an exploration of the accidental aesthetics of industry and science by photographer Alastair Philip Wiper. The project explores a range of contemporary scientific and manufacturing sites, spanning from facilities tied to material production like Adidas shoe factories, to the particle beams colliding at the core of the ATLAS detector at CERN, and extending to food processing facilities like the slaughterhouses of the Danish Crown company. The images offer a rare insight into workplaces that are usually kept behind closed doors and reveal these infrastructures' hidden beauty and incredible complexity. Machines that smash atoms together, make fabrics or stuff sausages all result from human collaborative imagination and tell us about who we are: our needs, desires, madness and our vision of the future.

The sustainability of this future depends on our ability to create and innovate. The exponential creativity associated with cutting-edge technology strongly contributes to our well-being and, at the same time, represents a threat to life on earth. These aesthetically fascinating photographs give insight into the heart of the design process and question our production methods and the scale of that production.

British photographer Alastair Philip Wiper (b. 1980) is known for his unique ability to portray subjects of industry, science and architecture. Alastair’s signature is defined by an understanding of lines and symmetry, colour and contrast, often combined with dark humour. His prints are included in the permanent collections of institutions such as the Design Museum in London and the Royal Institute of British Architects, and he has produced several books, including Building Stories (2023), Unintended Beauty (2020) and The Art of Impossible (2015).

The project was produced around the world over an 8-year period, and includes the facilities of companies and institutions such as CERN, adidas, Boeing, The European Space Agency, Steinway & Sons, Bang & Olufsen, Playmobil and many more.

 Specifications - Hardcover. 208 pages. Measurement: 32 × 25 cm