The Age of Collage 3


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Cut, paste, create: While Collage was conceived in the early 1900s, it seems to be the perfect form of expression for the twenty-first century, with all its juxtapositions and eclecticism and strange bedfellows. In our present The Age of Collage 3, the simple act of mixing together different elements allows us to question our reality and make new worlds. The Age of Collage 3 showcases a new crop of artistic vanguards advancing the medium’s possibilities, piece-by-piece. Equipped with a craft knife, paintbrush, stylus, scissors, or tablet, a collage artist’s toolkit is as varied as their creations and this book brings their work back to the paper page.
Creating things by hand is an intentional gesture that has brought with it a resistance to digitization of image con- sumption, and an awareness of the manipulation of photographic imagery. Many of today’s artists are using digital media in new ways to create layered compositions. In doing so the process of addition and removal and combining contrasting elements is not just an artistic process. It is a way of thinking.

 Specifications - Hardcover. 320 pages. Measurement: 24 × 30 cm