Sunday Cologne


1.050 kr ~€140,94

From Valle Vigezzo to the Rhine bank, over a Chatham drugstore counter via Glockengasse 4711, the classic cologne has hit home with gentlemen everywhere, polite and poised like a sharp sidepart and a Gornik & Drucker taper cut.

Citrusy and crisp, fleeting in its solidity, the ageless cologne the way you used to know it has been fitted with a new suit, baring its ankles.

Top: Bergamot, Star Anise, Cardamom.

Heart: Gernaium, Incense, Lavender.

Base: Vetiver, Moss, Patchoull.

Specifications - 50 / 100 ml. Eau de parfum.

Please note: Perfumes are only shipped to EU.