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Concentration: 100% Pure Essence

REYNA is MONOM 's interpretation of the most sensual of raw materials, the Queen of essences, the natural absolute of Vanilla. 

The Mexican Vanilla, with its unusual shape, can only be pollinated by the Melipona, a small stingless bee native to Mexico. It seemed that it could not live far from its homeland, because the beautiful orchid withered without bearing fruit, thus making the Vanilla pod extremely rare and precious!

REYNA enhances the bewitching power of Mexican Vanilla, with its deep, dry sweetness, through notes of Peruvian Absolute and Cocoa Pirazine, together with Siamese Benzoin, Candied Fig and Sweet Almonds. 

REYNA is a fragrance with powerful and sensual notes, a true weapon of seduction, an almost palpable perfume with enveloping and mouth-watering nuances, a sweetness that tells a story of difficult coincidences, without ever becoming cloying or banal. 

REYNA imbues the skin with an exotic and intriguing charm, with a sweet and decisive fragrance that encompasses the regenerating power of a passionate embrace.

Ingredients - Heliotrope, Siamese Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Candied Fig, Sweet Almond, Cocoa Beans, Mexican Vanilla Absolute, Musks.