Issue 01 Soft Punk

120 kr ~€16,11

ISSUE 01 The Quarterly Prying Sense From Our Strange Present

Fiction - Non-Fiction - Poetry – Criticism - Fine Arts - Photography

Melding literary sensibilities with street and youth aesthetics, we’re doing away with distinctions between “high” and “low” culture, one issue at a time.


Written work from:
Sam Broadway
Ryan Killian Krause
Tyler Meese
Nell Mittelstead
Frani O'Toole
Annamaria Olsson
Henry Reichard
Søren Steensig

Photography from:
Sera Akyazici
Sam Broadway
Lukas Cox
Fionn McGinley
Matt Nadel

Fine Art from:
Natasha Cheung
Sarah Courville
Anna-Sofie Jespersen
Marie Louise Taarnskov

Interviews with:
Fabian Saul, Editor-in-Chief of Flaneur Magazine
DJ Jana Woodstock

Specifications - Softcover.