First 40 2nd edition of 100

200 kr ~€26,85

What happens when two strangers have sex, but first share their whole sexual history? Tales from a man and a woman’s first forty sexual experiences. A look into sexual maturity, confidence and equality.

The book ‘First 40’ investigates the relations of the sexes from the perspective of an anonymous man and a woman. Chronologically, the authors describe their first forty sexual experiences and the book gives the reader an insight of two people developing their sexuality and confidence. Further, it investigates how a man and a woman perceives their sexual history and how they interact with their individual stories. Inevitably, the reader will be surprised.

The book has two front pages. You can either start with the woman or the man. In the middle of the book, the two authors describe their 40th sexual experience they’ve had with each other. All stories are real, all names are made up.

By Thoughts of Me Press. A newly established independent publishing studio in Copenhagen.

Specifications: Soft cover.