Det Smager af Lort

350 kr ~€46,98

‘It tastes like shit’ - is a quote from a 5-year-old boy, said directly when asked about how the simmering dish tastes.

The book should be a gathering place for parents and children in the kitchen. A cookbook - which does not pay homage to some perfect and politically correct spirit of the times - but which aims to create a collection about cooking. Together. The book looks like something that could be in front of a 5-star restaurant, but the title and its content are something completely different.

It is funny. Stuffed with stories, imaginative illustrations and mindless details that children like to explore. It's ready to go.

There are 60 recipes, all of which are relatively easy, and which look like when you prepare them yourself. There is no fiddling with beautiful food styling and there is no cheating. What you see is what you can do with your child.

It creates conversation with your child; There are many aspects to cooking with children. Therefore, it is anecdotes, poems and names of dishes that give rise to keep children busy and participating in the cooking process.

Specifications - Format: Hardcover. 240 pages. Language: Danish.