A Pictorial and Poetic Revolution

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With French as the working language, Cobra was pretty much the last genuine European movement within modernism – and among others Danish Asger Jorn, who is well represented in Louisiana, spoke. Cobra's anarchist history is not only an important part of art history - it remains as vibrant as ever and has inspired all kinds of artists, including some who were never directly involved with Cobra.

The work that Karel Appel, Pierre Alechinsky, Constant, Corneille and other kindred spirits have bequeathed to us is as fascinating as ever, both raw and confrontational, poetic and moving.

It is with this same spirit of artistic joy and freedom that this book, Cobra - A Pictorial and Poetic Revolution , showcases the masterpieces of Cobra art belonging to The Phoebus Foundation.

With text contributions by Paul Huvenne, Johan Pas, Hilde de Bruijn, Laura Stamps, Piet Thomas, Piet Boyens and Naomi Meulemans and foreword by Karine Huts-Van den Heuvel.

Specifications - Hardcover. 368 pages. Measurement:  29 x 25 x 4.5 cm