Bohemian Woods


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BOHEMIAN WOODS blurs the lines between remaining in a place and leaving it behind. It is the scent of spiritual belongings, of expecta- tions and decisions. It comes in the company of hope and with courage in the heart. Where this scent prevails, not only does it leave a hint of the far away and the sweetness of longing, it also combines these two with the profound knowledge of coming change. It pays homage to its roots, while open-heartedly embracing new ways. The prelude of this extrava- gant perfume is made by a chord of red Spanish pepper, South African freesia, the wooden and warm hue of the elemi-gum, rounded off by seductive anis-sweetness that resides in absinthe. In the heart note the scent of longing for somewhere far away meets a rare and exclusive mix of dark resins. Incense epitomises the belief in change, patchouli the free spirit. A tinge of saffron lends the perfume a luxurious poignancy and a trace of the unknown. Iris, one of the most valuable ingredients for perfumes, gives it its floral yet earthy and highly intellectual note, and represents inner richness. – In the base-composition, dark and dry woods, Argentine leather and Oriental musk play the passionate song of fiery adventures. South American vanilla dances to it on a soft and enticing breeze with whispers of wistfulness.

 absinthe, elemi-gum, red pepper, freesia
Heart: saffron, incense, iris, patchouli
Base: dry woods, musk, leather, vanilla

Specifications - Eau de Parfum. 50ml

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