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  • MK1 Timex

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    The Timex Archive project combines historical know-how with a refined design aesthetic, a true expression of values that Timex has passed on since 1854 to this day. Part of the Pioneers collection, the MK1 model is a re-release of the first Camper model from the 80’s. A “civilian” version of the watch adopted by the US Army for its convenience and functionality. This new anodized aluminum case, revised also in the width, is complimented with a ballistic nylon strap, a high strength material which is used for military spec equipment including parachute cords.

    Specifications - Case: Aluminum case 40mm. Matte Silver-Tone. tainless Steel Case 36mm. INDIGLO® Night-Light. Quartz Movement. Water Resistant to 50 meters. Strap: 20 mm. Ballistic Nylon. High Tenacity Nylon.

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