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  • Algaemania Facial Oil Oio Lab

    DKK 450,00  ~EUR 60,00 30 ml Buy

    Protective Algae Facial Treatment Oil

    A perfect balance of micro and macro algae with advanced botanical extracts form a regenerative film on the skin, acting as a protective shield. The oil serum restores firmness and radiance, while its regular use promotes skin renewal, soothes redness and adds a healthy glow and colour. Get obsessed with algae power, become Algaemaniac.

    *nutrient-dense, active botanical extracts from amaranth, chia, pomegranate, cardamom and rosemary seeds obtained with eco-friendly supercritical fluid extraction with natural carbon dioxide (CO₂)

    For all skin types, especially tired looking, exposed to sunlight and extreme atmospheric conditions.

    Specifications: Made in Poland with kindness. 30 ml. 100% ingredients of natural origin. Stored in violet glass to preserve the vitality of the precious ingredients. 

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