Escentric Molecules
  • The Beautiful Mind Vol. 1 Escentric Molecules

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    The Beautiful Mind Series celebrates women - not in the conventional way of the fragrance industry, as objects of desire - but for their intelligence and creativity. Volume 1: Intelligence & Fantasy was inspired by Memory Grandmaster, Christiane Stenger. In a world awash with vacuous celebrity scents, it’s a radical move simply to foreground women of real achievement. But the influence of Stenger goes beyond inspiration. She worked in partnership with perfumer, Geza Schoen, exploring the repertoire of ingredients alongside him in the laboratory. The fragrance they developed are co-creations that reflect how the women themselves feel about their femininity. The imagery for the series, by design house Me Company, depicts the beauty of the brain in action.

    Top notes: Bergamot, mandarin orange, pink pepper & magnolia.

    Middle notes: Osmanthus, freesia, rose & tiare flower. 

    Base notes: Sandalwood, virginia cedar, cashmeran & musk.

    Specifications - 100ml. Eau de Toilette. 

    Please note: Perfumes are only shipped to EU.


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