• Rose of No Man's Land Hair Perfume Byredo

    DKK 399,00  ~EUR 54,00 75 ml Buy

    This season BYREDO extends its Rose of No Man’s Land collection by launching a new scented Hair Perfume.

    Rose of No Man’s Land is a tribute to the nurses (often referred to by soldiers as “Rose of No-Man’s Land”) who
    saved thousands of lives on the front lines of WWI, their story is one of selflessness and compassion.
    It is like a soothing balm, a sophisticated elegance that envelops the skin and strengthens the backbone.
    The pink peppercorn provides the delicate flower with the momentum needed to break through the earth.
    Turkish rose petals open optimistically one by one, and the perfect rose heart combines with a radiant chord
    of raspberry. Finally, a base of papyrus wood and white amber gives the rose an eternal and sophisticated
    aura, a bud of immense purity.

    Top notes: Pink pepper, Turkish rose petals.

    Heart notes: Raspberry blossom, Turkish rose absolute.

    Base notes: Papyrus, White amber.

    Specifications - 75mL.

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