James Heeley
  • Note de Yuzu Maison Kitsuné x Heeley

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    Maison Kitsuné x Heeley is a collaboration between James Heeley and Maison Kitsuné. The perfume is titled "Note de Yuzu". It mixes English, French and Japanese influences into an eye opening, unisex scent that stylish girls and boys from Paris to Tokyo will find difficult to resist. The immediate freshness develops through an aquatic note to reveal a sensual saltiness on the skin, reminiscent of a traditional Japanese yuzu bath. Whereas in Europe citrus scents are often associated with the Summer, in Japan yuzu is synonymous with the Winter. Around the winter solstice, known as Toji, the Japanese take warm, relaxing yuzu baths. The bright yellow fruits float on the surface of the water releasing their fragrance, and according to this Japanese tradition bring youth, health and a sense of well being.

    Top: Yuzu, mandarin.

    Heart: Sea salt.

    Base: Vetiver d'haiti, white musk.

    Please note: Perfumes are only shipped to EU. 

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