• Spring 2018 Dazed

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    In her essay for Dazed about post-internet bible DIS - who embark on a new era of video disruption this year — Natasha Stagg writes how good fashion representation should “inspire both excitement in the new and dread of the irrelevant.” It’s a feeling we wanted to capture for our spring issue, out today, which introduces the four new faces of the season: Shanelle, Lulu, Kris and Fran, lensed by Viviane Sassen, Roe Ethridge, Angelo Pennetta and Johnny Dufort. 

    Furthermore this issue is spotlighting those who deconstruct what we expect of fashion, Gareth McConnell captures menswear designer Craig Green's new utopia for a limited edition cover shoot; DAZED journeys to Lagos with sensorial image-maker Herley Weir; Vaquera start a riot in Wembley Arena lensed by Hanna Moon; neon-tinged pop sensation Troye Sivan goes for it -  enjoy the DAZED confused fashion special!

    Note: Covers will be shipped out at random.

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