• November 2019 Wallpaper

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    The Smart Art Issue

    Leading the way, the ever epic Doug Aitken has created three limited-edition subscriber covers alongside an exclusive journey into Americana. In a subversive photographic portfolio, Doug has captured time-worn signage in the American West and reworked it with 21st-century text. The images are witty, poignant, and vivid, but there’s a higher objective to this series too. It piques our interest in the faded glory of long-forgotten spaces, replacing our romanticised visions of the past with unsentimental images of what they are today.

    We also head to Paris, where Jean-Michel Othoniel and Johan Creten have transformed a 4,000 sq m former metal workshop into a hive of creativity; and to Warsaw, where Monika Sosnowska has collaborated with emerging studio Architecture Club for an exercise in reductionism. Wrapping up the section is a profile of South Korean artist Kimsooja. Following an ethereal installation at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park Chapel, she is now turning to the French city of Poitiers, cloaking its medieval architecture in a bundle of public art installations.  

    Patricia Urquiola invites us into her studio to show us how she keeps her Wallpaper* collection, as the latest in our star-studded Subscribers Since… 1996 campaign (which has also featured the likes of Jony Ive, Jil Sander, Tadao Ando and the late Karl Lagerfeld). 

    Enjoy the issue!

    Sarah Douglas, Editor-in-Chief

    Please note: covers will be shipped out randomly.

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