• March 2020 Wallpaper

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    To kick things off, we’re turning the spotlight on three perennial favourites: Margaret Howell, Sportmax and Paul Smith.  In a world of passing fads, hype and hysteria, it’s important to recognise these admirable brands, which, each in their own way, have subtly redefined fashion, championed design, and are now proudly celebrating their 50-year  anniversaries. It’s hard to imagine a world without these brands – the people behind them have been pioneers for five decades and  have built their own businesses by actually being in the shops, building relationships with their customers. They are endlessly curious, intelligent and insist they are fashion with a small ‘f ’. Their longevity serves to remind us that while fashion rightly demands an embrace of the new, success also means understanding who you are, what you got right, and continually modernising and moving forward.

    Our main fashion shoots are varied and wonderful: Brigitte Niedermair and Isabelle Kountoure take us to the candy shop, Sofie Middernacht and Maarten Alexander put on a dazzling double act, Marili Andre and Jérôme André offer a flamboyant take on office attire, while Romain Duquesne and Jason Hughes find a spot of zen.

    Finally, we have a deliciously gory entry  in our Artist’s Palate series, not for the faint of heart – Robert Longo’s ‘blood and guts’.

    Enjoy the issue!

    Sarah Douglas, Editor-in-Chief

    Specifications - Soft cover. 

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