• Issue 5 Scenario Magazine

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    ISSUE 5:2018: New men’s groups crop up all over the world. Some organise ‘sharing circles’ and ‘retreats’ in the woods and cultivate brotherhood and self-help. Others attempt to re-establish past masculine ideals and virtues. And then there are men’s groups that embrace a feminist agenda. All the groups have one thing in common: They believe the modern man is facing an identity crisis and that he needs to reinvent himself. Other topics and articles include: Pink Chocolate / Full Throttle Toward the Synthetic Age / Shared Living: An Alternative Urban Future / The New Age of Trade / Facing the Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction / Is Plastic Worse Than Nuclear Waste? / No Clean-up in the Digital World / The RFID Revolution / Photo Series: Oh My Rabbit by Katya Rezvaya / Tech & Science / Trends / Ideas, Visions, and Possible Futures.

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