• Issue 5:2019 Scenario Magazine

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    ISSUE 5:2019: The two most important theories of modern physics, general relativity and quantum mechanics, have both been extensively supported by evidence, yet physicists have so far failed to unite them in a common theory. We have interviewed Dr. Daniele Oriti, group leader of theoretical physics at Ludwig-MaximiliansUniversität, Munich, Germany, about quantum gravity, an idea that seeks to do just that.
    Furthermore in this issue: Behaviour | Full Circle: Marxism | The Scandinavian Model | Planned Obsolescence | Inside CIFS | Rent-a-family – the Commodification of Kinship Education in a Post-Scarcity Society | Muzak, Thank You! | Organisational Bloat | The Mystery of the Number 1/137 | Photo series: Niels Flink | Climate Inequality | News on Technology and Science | Futures Past: Dymaxion Car | Futures, Trends, Ideas, and much much more…

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