Welcome to the August issue, where we introduce Wallpaper* Re-Made – our new flagship project and an evolution of Wallpaper* Handmade, our decade-long initiative connecting designers, creatives, makers and manufacturers. We have pushed ourselves and our creative collaborators to absorb the lessons of decades of activism, environmentalism and innovation, and to focus more sharply on inspiration and intent.

With Re-Made, we’ve maintained the fundamental premise of Handmade: pairing the best designers, makers, architects and engineers to create thought-provoking and inspirational projects. Now we’re re-focusing with a greater emphasis on design and creation that can enrich and endure. And rather than presenting their work up front, we want to first invite them to share their research and creative process. And so, in this Re-Made issue, we preview 23 projects that will be shown in Milan next year, to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Salone Del Mobile.

I hope Re-Made will strengthen your belief in design as a problem-solving tool for environmental and social challenges, a driving force for better principles and healthier behaviours. Design for Life feels like an appropriate – perhaps even overdue – evolution of Wallpaper’s initial tagline ‘The stuff that surrounds you’. Let’s use this as a platform to re-think, re-connect and re-make.