• April 2020 Wallpaper

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    Welcome to the April issue! Our Global Interiors round-up hones in on six rising design powers: Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, Finland and Scotland; while our 48-page Germany Report promises horological, sensory and automotive pleasures, delivered in a typeface by Fabian Fohrer, an alumnus of Wallpaper's 2018 Graduate Directory.

    We also head to Greece, for Deca Architecture's mathematically inspired hideaway on Milos Island, and to Sri Lanka, for a contemporary take on Geoffrey Bawa's modernism, by Zurich-based architects Daniel Abraha and Stephan Achermann. We check up on Toronto's Ontario Place, a modernist marvel with an uncertain fate, discover a proudly made-in-Africa start-up accelerator in Johannesburg, and ascend the Swiss Alps to see BIG's Audemars Piguet museum. Then it's all the way back to our beloved Milan, for a private tour of Piero Lissoni's living room and Wallpaper* collection, in the latest edition of our Subscribers Since...1996 series. 

    A real highlight for me is our Design Icon feature on Yrjo Kukkapuro, the maestro behind some of the most beloved and distinctive chairs of the 20th century. Wallpaper's contributing editor Emma O'Kelly hopped over to Finland to interview Kukkapuro, now 86 and as sharp-minded as ever. Soon after, he asked his daughter Isa to share this story with us:

    In the Finnish language, nelonen means number 4, and turned upside down it looks like a chair (in handwriting). Also, if you fail at school, you get a 4. When Kukkapuro was young at school, they used to say that you got a chair, if you failed. In his life, Kukkapuro just got a lot of chairs...'


    Simple, honest and charming. Enjoy!

    Sarah Douglas, Editor-in-Chief

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