• 25YR Anniversary issue Purple Magazine

    Purple celebrates their 25 years anniversary issue with celebrating the artist and models who incarnated the spirit of the magazine through their style, attitude, and personality: Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince, Paul McCarthy, Michèle Lamy, Susan Cianciolo, Stella and Eva, Amanda Wall, Maurizio Cattelan, Paul Hameline and more. Since 1992 Purple has been connection art and fashion. For their 25th anniversary issue, they pay tribute to some of their favorite models and celebrate modeling as a form of art: fashion models are the ones who embody fashion at any given time, the ones who truly inspire designers, photographers, stylist, and editors. 

    Purple started as an anti-fashion magazine. Now that they are part of the “new establishment,” the magazine are fighting the system from within to celebrate fashion as art. The paradox is that after 25 years, alternative magazines like ours have to protect true design from the business of fashion, which believes that the internet and social media are the new el dorado. Many brands now tend to think they don not need magazines, models, photographers, or fashion editors. They believe that they can reach consumers directly by selling clothes through influencers, whose millions of followers will buy what they post. This is the new business of fashion, and this could be the end of the magazine world, and for sure the end of fashion as art.

    Please note: Covers will be shipped out randomly 

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