• Rio de Janeiro The Monocle Travel Guide

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    Known for spectacular beaches, carnival, samba and crime, Rio is definitely not dull. The year-round beach weather and friendly, gorgeous locals, the Cariocas, seduce foreigners (literally and figuratively) with all of Rio's magic. Even though the creation of pacifying police units (UPP) in the favelas and the imminent Olympic Games and World Cup has alleviated the feeling of insecurity and social inequality, wealth and poverty still exist side-by-side in this city of contrasts.

    The Rio de Janeiro Travel Guide is an introduction to a city that hits you with both its cultural variety and natural beauty. From its beach scene to sculptural public gardens and lively neighbourhood bars, find all the hotspots for everything from food and drink to design and architecture. The Monocle Travel Series reveals Monocle’s favourite places in each city they cover, from the ideal route for an early-morning run to the best spots for independent retail. Full of surprises and quirks, they also feature detailed design and architecture pages, neighbourhood walks to get you away from the crowds and their favourite places to eat, be it tasty fast food or something truly celebratory.

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