• Oh Man Lise Sarfati

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    These photographs were taken in 2012 and 2013. After carefully choosing her locations of interest, Sarfati spent days waiting in full panoply for the right moment to manifest itself.

    In her new book, Lise Sarfati takes us back to the oddly deserted heart of the city of Los Angeles. Almost deserted... as lonesome men walk dispassionately through the streets, as if on a mission but without any obvious destination. The sun in Oh Man is high, the unifying emptiness of the street basked in the Californian light. The nameless men’s random silhouettes stand out distinctively in front of the city’s characteristic urban backdrop.

    As Sean O’Hagan writes in the Observer, “Safarti’s photographs, though deceptively simple on first viewing, have a mysterious quality that is to do, in part, with her deft merging of portraiture, snapshot and arranged tableau.” With an accompanying text by David Campany, this new monograph is a thoughtful, quiet but moving tribute to an outsider’s Los Angeles.

    Specifications -  Hardcover. 48 pages. 17 images. 29 x 33cm. Clothbound in slipcase.

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