• Live From F*cking Everywhere Adam Katz Sinding

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    Adam Katz Sinding is reporting Live From F*cking Everywhere, as the photographer (known on Instagram as AKS) travels around the globe to document the international fashion weeks that determine the next trend in fashion. The photography book, designed by MENDO and jointly published by teNeues | MENDO, focuses on the places Katz Sinding has recently visited and is the sequel to the successful This is Not a F*cking Street Style Book. 

    Before he got into photographing the world’s most renowned fashion brands and models, Katz Sinding used to photograph buildings, focussing on architecture. The cult photographer never stopped documenting the zeitgeist of places all over the globe. Not only did he visit major cities like Paris, Copenhagen, Moscow, Tokyo, Sydney and New York City - he also visited lesser-known places, like Aetofolia, Suva, Pripyat, Riga, and one of his new favorite places, Tbilisi. For his newest book, Adam Katz Sinding captured the contemporary soul of cities in more than 35 countries, making Live From F*cking Everywhere a must-have book for all those who are passionate about travel photography and architecture. 

    As he runs, cycles, hikes and travels around the world like every day was the last day he has, Katz Sinding has collected a breathtaking number of beautiful photos that capture the essence of the world as only he would recognize it, focusing on culture and landmarks of the many places he has visited. The book, which includes a foreword by ACRONYM co-founder Errolson Hugh, also offers a unique insight into the peculiar mind of the cult photographer himself, his obsessive exercising habits and the cultural phenomenon he has become over the years. 

    Adam Katz Sinding is an American-born and Copenhagen-based photographer. A true innovator in the realm of street-style photography since 2003, Katz Sinding spends the majority of the year documenting the fashion zeitgeist. When he is not photographing fashion events in all corners of the globe, he shoots major campaigns and editorials, gives lectures, and embarks on epic cross-country cycling trips. 

    Specifications - Hardcover. Pages: 224.

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