• ILD - Eventyrlig Mad

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    By Nikolaj Kirk, Mikkel Maarbjerg and Morten Kirckhoff

    The book is a must have for both outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and people who
    would like a little everyday adventure.
    Fire - Adventurous food is packed with ideas for making exciting and adventurous food over fire. Here everything goes by the fire. Around the fire. In the fire. Over the fire. With the fire. Some dishes are quite simple. Others demand a little more.
    The book has been created by three friends, the chefs Nikolaj and Mikkel as well as the
    photographer Morten, who over a year has taken trips into the woods with the forest
    undergrowth as the base and the sky as the ceiling. Short trips, long trips - whichever fits into a busy schedule. With some good ingredients, a tent and sleeping bags. Firewood and a lit fire. Togetherness and something at heart.
    The book is full of inspiration that should make you want to go out in the wild with family and good friends. It can be the long walk in the mountains, to a shelter in the forest or out to the campfire in the garden.

    Just out.

    Specifications - Format: Hardcover. 336 pages. Language: Danish. 

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