Plethora magazine
  • Tote Bag Plethora Magazine

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    Plethora x Arthur x Takeyari Canvas Oversize Tote bag

    The new Plethora Magazine accessory line is developed in collaboration with Japanese brand Arthur and Takeyari Canvas – producers of artisanal, heavy duty Kurashiki canvas in Okayama since 1888.
    The vintage shuttle looms at Takeyari yields a high-density weave, traditional canvas of supreme quality and durability. The extra-thick canvas no. 2 and the versatile, fine textured canvas no. 8, both used for the Plethora accessory line, makes for a perfect combination of strength and softness. 

    Extra-long, wide straps for comfortable fit. Everlasting durability.

    Specifications - Material: 100% cotton.  Measurements - Height: 64 cm. Width: 53 cm. 

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