Bee Notebook


250 kr ~€33,56

Dingbats*' expertise has led to the creation of the finest 160gsm writing and art paper and a notebook certified for strict environmental credentials. When you hold a Dingbats* Pro Notebook, you’re holding centuries of paper-making tradition in your hands. With Dingbats* Pro Notebooks, they offer an exquisite companion that meets the highest standards required by writers, painters, graphic artists, illustrators, art students, scientists, engineers, technicians and above all journal lovers. The finest natural white paper is enclosed between sustainable textile covers that are made from renewable resources that look and feel elegant. Due to its unique surface, this paper is very well suited for different drawing and painting techniques as well as mixed media techniques. The colour flows beautifully and the brilliance is preserved. High contrasts and excellent colour intensity can be achieved with every technique, watercolour, acrylic and pastel-painting techniques as well as sketching with coal and red chalk. The natural-white artist paper with a unique matte surface is also very well suited for writers and doodlers using fountain pens, pens, fineliners or pencils. It is lignin free, acid free and age resistant.

Specifications - Hardback cover. 17.6 x 25 cm. 128 pages. Space between dots is 5 mm. Plain pages.