The Brask Collection

Jens-Peter Brask

650 kr ~€87,25
The Brask Collection is a great piece of love for art. The book is released on the occasion of Jens-Peter Brask's 50th birthday in March 2022. It illustrates Jens-Peter's private art collection of contemporary art, titled The Brask Collection. The book demonstrates some of Jens-Peter's sources of inspiration, which have influenced him both as collector, art curator, publisher and person. It is built on moments, inks, sculptures, engagement, sketchbooks, graffiti, friendships, mural paintings, neon, big cities, and even bigger dreams. All experienced, whirled, and collected here so you can step into it and be blown away. It has been an absolute pleasure to gather the many pieces within the world of art which The Brask Collection represents. The book is written in Danish.

Specifications - Hardover. 

Please note: the book comes in a blue or yellow cover.