Salt Works

Tom Hegen

799 kr ~€107,25

The archival pigment print inserted in Tom Hegen's special edition Salt Works shows one of the many sea salt production sites the photographer portrayed from the air and captured in their unique beauty as an abstract field. Tom Hegen photographs salt mines around the world, bringing them together in a study of colors and compositions reminiscent of abstract paintings. N°TSSIII02, San Francisco Bay, California, United States is one of those visual spectacles of beautiful geometries and stunning colors and also the cover subject of this impressively beautiful collection.

TOM HEGEN (*1991, Augsburg) is one of the most high-profile aerial photographers of our time. In his works, the Augsburg-based photographer documents the traces that man leaves on the earth’s surface. He has received several awards, most recently the Red Dot Design Award (2021) and the German Design Award (2019). 

Specifications - Hardcover. 288 pages.