Since 1971, Harpo has created unique accessories and jewelry. The pieces from Harpo are created with inspiration from the native Americans and their magnificent legacy.

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With a profound respect for the native Americans, Harpo aspires to be faithful to the original spirit. Through jewels and accessories, Harpo invites us to explore the South Western America.

The pieces are a celebration of the proud people who lived in harmony and accordance with the nature. Some pieces are made by artists from different Native American tribes, which uncovers the cultural richness and beauty, from the authentic people who are concerned with preservation of their history.

Harpo accesories are all unique and may differ in color and metal detailing.


Bubblegum Chic
James Heeley

Pure joy.

Jasmine is one of James Heeley’s fetish scents. However, it is notoriously ephemeral and the aim here was to enhance its intensity and longevity without altering its natural beauty. The concentration of jasmine absolute and tuberose give this scent underlying accents of red fruit, almost like strawberry. The scent is direct, intense and intoxicating like a sexual fantasy.

Notes: Jasmine sambac, tuberose, white musc.

Specifications - Extrait de Parfum. 50ml. 

Please note: Perfumes are only shipped to EU.



The Riverine 2.0 Tech Baseball Sweat is a technical reconstruction combining sportswear and military inspirations. Double layers are created with Italian carbon ripstop panels and concealed pockets add a twist on the original design.

Reinforced elbow and forearm panels in Italian carbon nylon. Reflective printed nametape. Press snap front closure. Dropped rear hem. Zipped secure chest pocket. Maharishi camo / reflective side seam tab. 

Specifications - Material: Organic Sweat 450, Japanese Recycled Nylon 120, Italian Carbon Ripstop Nylon. Measurements (size M) - Chest: 58 cm. Length: 74 cm. 



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Founded by Xavier Dufourcq-Chappaz, who also holds the position of artistic director, Suigeneris is an independent Luxury Author Perfumery brand. Macerated in the south of France, the essences blend feminine and masculine notes. 

Suigeneris is a dynamic brand full of passion for new experiences that seeks to take things further and provide a conceptual perspective. A symbiosis of fresh energies and positivity. A perfectly controlled construction of addictive essences, in a modern and powerful black and white packaging. Their non-binary essences are a miscellaneous selection of the highest quality natural raw materials and synthetic molecules, working together as a Morse code to create a unique DNA construction for each fragrance.

Available online and in store. 




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