• SMK - Family Stories

SMK - Family Stories


Gillian Wearing is interested in real life. In her art she gives perfectly ordinary people a voice, examining and documenting the relationships between them. From October 13th, SMK presents an exhibition featuring the Turner Prize-winning artist.

Throughout her career, British artist Gillian Wearing (b. 1963) has been keenly interested in people and in human relationships. In her works she gives perfectly ordinary people a voice – documenting private narratives, examining family constructs and exploring the boundaries between the private and the public.

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She often incorporates herself or members of her family directly in her art, raising questions about how relationships with other people help shape our identity.

The exhibition shows a range of Wearing's works of art created from 1992 to the present day. They mainly consist of photographs and video pieces in which she uses image formats that are commonly seen in everyday life: family photographs, snapshots, TV shows and home videos.

"I just look for situations where there is an element of truth. People can't relate to a made-up fantasy of what a family is; they might aspire to it for themselves. But if they are to view someone else's situation then they want something that is honest," says Gillian Wearing.

  • Bellroy


Introducing Bellroy
Bellroy puts its heart, soul and countless design hours into helping the world carry with greater simplicity and ease. Every piece has been deeply considered to help you get the best of life’s little moments.

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Designers Edition
Consisting of a variety of colors of note sleeves, wallets and cardholders, the collection consists of twelve pieces of exclusive leathers, metallic accents, crisp lines and minimalist forms whilst maintaining the simplicity and detailing of each piece.

  • Nuori - Tinted Lip Treats

Nuori - Tinted Lip Treats

Nuori's founder, Jasmin Bonnén currently splits her time between Copenhagen and New York. So it was only natural that the first two tinted versions of Nuori Lip Treat were inspired by these two very different cities. 
The tinted lip treat is a great alternative to traditional lipsticks.

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The shade 'Copenhagen' features a nude shade inspired by the city's effortlessly cool girls and the shade 'New York' features a energizing berry tint that puts you in that Empire State of mind.

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