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    Attention all food-lovers, check out these five different books about cooking and food, available at Storm.

    If interested in food from all over the world and different cultures, then Delicious Places is the book to check out. The book celebrates daring concepts and inventive locations among other things. 

    Want to cook food and make beautiful dishes like restaurants? In My Blood by Bo Bech, explores 100 of the best dishes from his restaurant GEIST located in Copenhagen. 

    In need of making the perfect start to every day, Stay for Breakfast, is the book to try. The book provides inspiration for creating the perfect start to any day and a glimpse into breakfast plates from around the world. 

    Feeling like trying something totally different? The book On Eating Insects presents recipes, tasting notes, stories from the field and essays on the cultural, political, and ecological significance of eating insects. 

    Is winter your favourite season? Then check out Delicious Wintertime. Top chef and outdoors-man Markus Sämmer brings together his best winter recipes with stunningly crisp mountain photography and practical tips for a life out in the cold. 

Issue 26
Hypebeast Magazine

HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 26: The Rhythms Issue

Ours is a world where we can never go fast enough: rife with generalized anxiety and burnout plaguing an overworked, over-connected population. Where else in the history were we able to learn a new language, answer an email, make dinner plans and walk a friend through an emotional crisis with the same 5 minutes? 

We see the cowboy by Matt McCornik on this issue's conver as the unofficial symbol of our desire to reconnect with nature: manifest in our obsessions with succulents, nature documentaries, buying hunting knives to open letters and embarking on 7-day hikes "for fun." We want to slow down. We want to discover how we'd fare on our own, without being hurried along by external forces that don't really matter; we want to know how it feels when our circadian rhythms weren't dictated by the light from our phones. With The Rhythms Issue, we wanted to show what may happen, when we're not siphoning every second of our time into serving a purpose. 

We visited Matt McCornick in his LA studio for the cover story of this issue, to talk about his personal journey and his portrayal of American heroes, both past and present, which depict our own vice, struggles and triumphs on a universally-relatable level. Jason Dill has undoubtedly led - and still leads - a colorful life. We visit him in Fucking Awesome's recently-opened store on Hollywood Boulevard as he speaks about his youth, growing up in a skate crew and now, brining younger skaters into his own crew. Easy Otabor makes an appearance in this issue, speaking about his hopes to use his label, Infinite Archies, as a wearable, collectible history lesson for contemporary culture. 

We make a trip to Felipe Pnatone's studio in Valencia, Spain to discuss the edunrance of graffiti art and creating new territotires whitin interactive art. The effusive Buddy appears in an exclusive fashion spread and, in a candid interview, speaks to us about lessons learned from his mentor, the late Nipsey Hussle- London-based Jewelry designer Castro Smith speaks to us about the processes and philosophies behind his intricately carved, one-of-a-kind art pieces.

The ones who truly shine this issue are marching to the beat of their own drum - unafraid of where they'll end up, what happens along the way or how slowly (or quickly!) it takes to get there. 


Author - Vanessa Lee (HYPEBEAST)

Photographer - Heison Ho (HYPEBEAST)    


Issue 33
Kinfolk Magazine

Perhaps you don’t need educating on the state of education: You’ve seen in the news that the best colleges can be bribed, or that for-profit institutions have become debt factories for those who attend. Power should not equal knowledge, but the financial burden of higher education often makes it so. Meanwhile, students who do make it to college are under pressure to approach “book learning” with a tunnel vision that steamrolls more creative ways of thinking. This issue of Kinfolk rejects the definition of a good education as one that ends with good grades.

In putting together our fall issue, we considered education as a lifelong pursuit: What can we learn about our bodies, minds, beliefs and societies, and who can teach us? In Los Angeles, we meet Erica Chidi Cohen, the co-founder of Loom—specializing in schooling its (adult) students on bodies, healthcare and better sex. For Chidi Cohen, this new pedagogy is a response to political failures. “If we can’t get people healthcare, we need to get them education,” she says.

The people we meet in Issue Thirty-Three prove just how many different paths can lead you to a meaningful career. Montreal-based producer Kaytranada found success so early that he never finished high school, whereas Belgian painter Michaël Borremans spent a decade working as a teacher prior to becoming an acclaimed figurative artist. And some people manage to sidestep the idea of a “calling” altogether: Waris Ahluwalia has funneled his bonhomie into being an actor, model, jewelry designer and activist. Elsewhere there are bubbles, puzzles and a fashion editorial that takes the form of an all-night party. As Ahluwalia reminds us: “We’re all dying. But if we can do it while we’re dancing?”

Specifications - 192 pages, offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated and coated paper. Printed in Canada and United Kingdom.


September 2019

It's September and time for our particular sort of Style Special. We have compiled our favourite new architects of fashion; Smiljan Radic works his truly timeless magic on the new Alexander McQueen flagship on London's Bond Street, BIG's Bjarke Ingels triumphatnly brings the Haussmannian atrium up-to-date at the new Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées, Roz Barr orchestrates the perfect studio space at Selfridges in London, Snøhetta gets extra textural for Holzweiler in Oslo, Hesselbrand works wonders with the rawest of materials at Alyx's temporary showroom in Paris, and artist and designer Duccio Maria Gambi brings tough geometry to Tokyo for Plan C. 

From retail to residence, Paule Ka founder Serge Cajfinger invites us into his Marcio Kogan-designed beach house in Brazil - Kogan was commissioned after Cajfinger saw his Paraty house in an issue of Wallpaper*. 

We also take you through the key trends of the season, photographed in a London home designed by architects Spink, and Wallpaper's Nick Compton looks at how to minimise your carbon footprint with the latest in eco-trainers. For something altogether quieter, we look at what we call the 'sounds of silence' - a new muted mood in fashion that is gaining momentum, bringing a certain calmness and functional elegance to an increasingly noisy world. 

As for our four main fashion stories, we have botanical styie with Brigitte Niedermair's flowers- and seeds-inspired shoot; Dham Srifuengfung take us back to art school; Julien T Hamon visits Casa do Monte in Lisbon, designed by Leopold Banchini Architects (selected for ou 2019 Architects' Directory) with Daniel Zamarbide; and we celebrate the man of the house in a story photographed by Marili Andre. 

Finally, Giorgio Armani serves up his impeccable risotto alla Milanese. Tuck in and enjoy the issue!

Sarah Douglas, Editor-in-Chief

Specifications - Soft cover.


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