• adidas Originals 
by Alexander Wang
4rd and final Drop

adidas Originals by Alexander Wang 4rd and final Drop

adidas Originals by Alexander Wang are releasing their fourth and final drop of season 2.

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The final drop offers three statement sneakers styles; The AW Skate Mid, an ultra-rich take on the classic suede skate shoe, is now available in Bluebird, a signature adidas Originals hue. The AW Bball Lo, which combines premium suede and full-grain leather with a Boost tooling and rubber outsole, is now offered in a dark Green Night.

The 4rd drop will be available at Storm December 1st. 

  • Introducing HANREJ

Introducing HANREJ

”Hanrej is an old and condescending term for a man with an adulterous wife.” The word originates from German hahnrei, which is a castrated rooster.

HANREJ is a Danish brand with its main focus on jewellery.

The designs are clean and elegant, while still communicating an abstract, reckless and distinctive appearance.


The term HANREJ and its powerful meaning is the fundamental inspiration for the brand universe, which centres around a humorous and ironic view on gender roles, sex and a general questioning of traditional preconceptions.

Inspiration for the first collection especially lies in the human body. The impulsive and vivid features, that are gracefully framed by something orderly. Like the veins and organs of a human, neatly framed by our exterior.

The jewellery knows no gender and the complementing universe is original, entertaining and innovative. 


  • Bags from Bellroy

Bags from Bellroy

We live in a world where opportunities are not bound by your location on a map or the time on a clock. Your ‘desk’ is no longer a permanent fixture. And the lines between work and play are more intertwined than ever. With this freedom, comes the need for a bag that will flex to whichever direction your everyday life takes.

“With wallets, every millimeter matters. If cards don’t sit perfectly or there’s any dead space, you notice. Being fanatical about how contents sit and stack and play together means that, as we scale that up to bags, we can design pieces with less bulk and better freedom,” says Bellroy co-founder, Andy Fallshaw. 

Have a look at Bellroy's collection here

Office to gym, week to weekend, routine commute to foreign city, Bellroy bags let you carry what you need in slim and thoughtfully designed formats. 

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